One Stop Solution

BMW Premium Selection has integrated dealerships with new cars and the certified used BMW for your convenience.

12 Months of Warranty

BMW Premium Selection vehicles deliver peace of mind. Why? Because we know the standards to which every BMW has been manufactured. And because we strictly check every used BMW automobile before we include it in our BMW Premium Selection program. This makes it easy to provide each program vehicle with comprehensive warranties which let you enjoy sheer driving pleasure.

360 Technical Inspection

As sure as sure can be: using their skilled knowledge and the latest technologies, BMW experts carefully inspect every inch of our BMW Premium Selection automobiles. Each part from the airbags to the spark plugs is examined against our 360° technical inspection. With this standardized thorough check, we make sure we can hand over each BMW Premium Selection vehicle in excellent condition.

Approved Service History

Certified used BMW has its own story to tell – and nobody knows this story better than your BMW Service Centre. All of the vehicle’s important information from age to mileage is recorded and passed on to you. Additionally, all inspections, maintenance work, and technical modifications are fully documented so that you can be assured that your certified pre-owned BMW has always been looked after by authorized and competent experts.

Individual Financing Offers

Put BMW’s experience and know-how to work for you. Take advantage of the individual and attractive finance options available when purchasing a BMW Premium Selection vehicle. Your BMW Premium Selection dealer enables you to pay for your vehicle in installments that specifically cater to your budget.

24-hour road assistance

Certified pre-owned BMW will impress you with its quality and reliability. However, should a breakdown occur, BMW is always there for you – either on the phone or in person. Whether you are at home or abroad, our mobile services and qualified service personnel are at your side should you ever need roadside assistance. You can call 0 800 1 269 269.

Trade-in Offers

When purchasing a BMW Premium Selection vehicle, you have the option to pay in instalments or rely on our leasing plans – we offer a solution for every budget.

BMW Efficient Dynamics

The latest generation of BMW models are equipped with BMW Efficient Dynamics, an innovative program for reducing fuel consumption and emissions while increasing driving dynamics. The long-term goal is a completely zero-emission mobility.