Dedicated to Perfection.

At BMW Service, we’re dedicated to delivering excellence through a harmonious blend of quality, efficiency, and innovation. Our commitment to your driving pleasure starts well before a new BMW model even hits the production line – our engineers work tirelessly to pioneer innovative service advancements. Your BMW deserves nothing short of the best, and we’re unwavering in our mission to provide you with top-tier service, ensuring an unparalleled driving journey.

Cutting-Edge Automotive Innovation by BMW.

Service Reimagined: With our thoughtful approach, you can effortlessly access your car’s service status – tailored to its actual needs – right from your vehicle. This simplifies scheduling appointments and prevents unnecessary expenses for unrequired work, offering you a seamless and cost-effective experience.

Our Service Branches.

Always at your service: Our 5 service branches are located in Bekasi, Tebet, Tomang, Bandung and Palembang. By letting us take care of your vehicle, you can feel secure that you can rely on skilled and comprehensively trained specialists to carry out repairs and provide advice to you, using computer-based information tools and diagnostic equipment.

Seamless On-Board Diagnostics.

Embracing Advanced Technology: Your vehicle’s sophisticated onboard diagnosis skillfully detects and takes initial notes on possible issues within its electrical and electronic systems. Leveraging this data, a computer-assisted system conducts rapid and accurate troubleshooting. Furthermore, direct and interactive exchange between the central team and branch workshop specialists ensures unwavering service excellence throughout the process.

Always in the picture with condition-based service.

Back in 1982, BMW became the first car manufacturer to do away with rigid maintenance intervals and adopt a servicing approach based on actual requirements. Depending on the model, the condition of wearing parts and operating fluids is now determined using sensors and algorithms, or based on parameters such as mileage or driving habits. When you switch on the engine, a display shows the vehicle status and when the next service is due – with the added advantage that you are only prompted to have the car serviced when it is genuinely needed.


Innovation that Counts: In BMW models crafted from 2000 onwards, crucial vehicle details like the vehicle identification number, mileage, or upcoming service requirements are securely stored within the key. Through an ingenious electronic tool – the KeyReader – BMW Tunas effortlessly access this information during service appointments. This eliminates any confusion or information gaps, granting you ample opportunity to engage with the BMW Service Adviser about your individual needs.

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