BMW Protection Vehicles

For 40 years BMW has set the standard in the design and development or armoured vehicles.

People who bear the greatest responsibilities should be able to rely on certified protection – without having to sacrifice the unique driving experience that only a BMW Protection Vehicle can offer. BMW has been setting new standards in the design and development of armoured vehicles for over 40 years. Our current model continues this tradition in impressive style. Climb in and settle back, safe in the knowledge that you couldn’t be in a more secure or more relaxing environment. Every Protection Vehicle is custom-built, and every stage of the process is carried out with a craftsman’s attention to detail. The result is a vehicle that meets high standards of ballistic protection, while also fulfilling the most individual of requirements.


The optimal amount of security depends on the individual circumstances of the driver and passengers, where they are located, the challenges they face in their daily routine and the public attention they attract.


How much protection you need depends on your circumstances – where you live and work, what your job involves, and how high your public profile is. BMW is the only manufacturer that takes into account these differing needs and draws on more than 40 years’ experience of building armoured vehicles. 

Passenger cell

Latest protection technology, made by BMW: Armour that is perfectely fitted to the standard model’s body shell. Thus the new BMW X5 Protection VR6 is hard to distinguish from a standard model – neither from the outside nor from the inside. Our aspiration is of the highest diligence when it comes to overlapping armour in sensitive areas like door joints, chinks or at the transitions of doors and windows. The abbreviation „VR6“ („Vehicle Resistance“), that is part of the model’s name BMW X5 Protection VR6, represents the resistance class, that the special protection vehicle is certified with (VPAM BRV 2009 in the current version). Civil protection vehicles are classified in different resistance classes, ranging from VR1 to VR10. Additonally, this vehicle is certified according to the ERV 2010 and PAS 300 guidelines.

Furthermore, the new all-armoured window glass includes the so called “Post-Blast-Protection” which assures that impact areas remain safe – especially for secondary attacks. The all-armoured window panes remain in their position, so that no openings between glass and body arise. This way we prevent gaps between glass and body shell, that could be used as further points of attack. On top, the Self-Sealing Fuel Tank, that reseals itself after damage, and Underbody Armouring ensure that you’re protected all around.


Working together with BMW Protection Vehicles.

With the BMW Protection Vehicles you do not have to compromise on anything that matters to you. BMW has over 40 years’ experience of developing and building armoured vehicles – and is constantly innovating to protect not just you, but also the sensation of Sheer Driving Pleasure. So you can be absolutely confident that you are getting the best possible protection, and are not making any compromises to get it. Because from the first design sketches to the final coat of polish, it’s all our own work. Personal security is too vital to be entrusted to anyone but real experts. Naturally, every BMW is built with enormous precision and care, and the strictest quality standards are adhered to throughout the global BMW manufacturing network. This is why only BMW offers maximum protection – made by BMW.


Because protection is all the more effective when people don’t know you’ve got it. That is why BMW has put so much effort into protecting their cars in a way that it is not noticeable by others. 


Every component, that is part of the safety concept is made with the highest diligence, thus the vehicle and its safety features form an optimal unit. In order to be able to communicate with people outside the vehicle, without having to open the doors or windows, an intercom system is fitted as standard. As additional security, a robbery alarm is installed. The new BMW X5 Protection VR6 also includes runflat tyres, that allow driving after loss of tyre pressure. The heated windscreen, which is also included as standard, provides a clear view and the sun protection glazing1 guarantees discretion for the passengers in the rear.

1Optional equipment 

Additional floor and roof armouring

All-round safety – the standard underbody splinter protection guards you from attacks with DM51 hand grenades. As an option, the underbody splinter guard can also be reinforced against attacks with the hand grenade HG85. An optionally available, stronger armoured roof, made of safety steel and fibre composite materials, offers certified protection against drone attacks with DTG5 fragmentation charges (200 g C4 and over 500 fragmentation bodies) in addition to the ballistic protection, that is installed as standard.


Sometimes you need more than just protection. For roles such as carrying dignitaries or security escort duties, a vehicle must have the ability to reveal in seconds that it is on official business in order to get the job done. BMW has been producing Authority Vehicles for over 50 years, working in close cooperation with authorities and government agencies all over the world. Flashing lights, hailing systems with different siren effects, signalling devices, radios, and even flag holders for official use.


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